Fall 2005 Wizard Conference


November 2-3, 2005

Wyndham Hotel
6301 Route 298 East
Syracuse, NY
Phone: 315-432-0200

Questions? Contact the
SUNY Training Center:
or Phone 315-464-4078

SUNY Wizard Conferences are geared toward the technical community in SUNY and are held as needed, usually twice a year. They address specific technology-related issues that are important to SUNY at the time. The attendees are from throughout SUNY and include IT professionals from campus CIO's to DBA's to technical assistants.

While we may invite some vendors to offer or assist with sessions, we require they provide technical staff to present and focus only on the technologies we invite them to address - no marketing.

Wizard conferences can include facilitated sessions, roundtables and informal discussions where SUNY folks can get together to collaborate and share what is happening on their campuses and attend relevant sessions.

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