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Last Updated: 10/19/04
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Common terminology used within SUNY
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ANGEL - A course management system package. See

ASI - Academic Software Initiative: A collaborative program designed to foster a quality academic experience by identifying and making available to faculty and students the most current and appropriate academic software tools on the market. See


Banner - A software product of SCT Corporation providing student information system modules (registration, housing, etc.). Banner is in use at many SUNY campuses. See

Blackboard - A course management system package. Blackboard is in use at many SUNY campuses. See

BLOG - A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links. Atlernatively called web logs.


CBT - A general acronym for computer-based training, usually self-paced in nature.

CCBOA - Community College Business Officers Association.

CCIO - Council of Chief Information Officers.

CIT - Conference on Instructional Technologies: An annual event dedicated to supporting SUNY faculty and staff in the effective use of technology. CIT is a program of the FACT Committee. See

CMS - A general acronym for course management software or systems. CMS software provides a way for instructional content and materials to be put "on the web" to support the teaching and learning process.

COA - SUNY Computer Officers Association. See

COCID - Conferences on Computing in the Disciplines: A program of the FACT Committee. See

CourseSpace - A course management system based on the SUNY Learning Network course template. It allows campuses to develop web-based course material (hybrid courses) for campus-based classroom courses using the SLN template. CourseSpace is a unit of Learning Environments. See

CSEA - Civil Service Employees Union.

CSCIC - Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination

CUNY - City University of New York. See


DR - Disaster Recovery.


EdTOA - SUNY Educational Technology Officer's Association. See

ExLibris - The vendor supplying the integrated library management system (Aleph 500) powering SUNYConnect. See


FACT - The Faculty Access to Computing Technology Advisory Council: Provides advice and consultation to the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. FACT is a co-sponsor of CIT. See

FACT-L - An open listserv available to all members of the SUNY Community.

FACTADV-L - A listserv for FACT Advisory Committee members.

FACTMEM-L - A listserv for FACT Campus Representatives.

FCCC - SUNY Faculty Council of Community Colleges.




ISO - Information Security Officer.

ITEC - Information Technology Exchange Center: Provides IT services, software distribution and support to campuses (Oracle, IBM, Compaq, Microsoft, etc.). ITEC also provides hosting, server management and support to university-wide programs. See




LAIP - Library Automation Implementation Program: Current program providing automated library systems to more than 40 campuses.

LASG - Former "Library Automation Steering Group" - renamed "SUNYConnect Advisory Council."

LE - SUNY Learning Environments.

LSS - Learning Systems Subcommittee: A program of the FACT Committee that serves as a resouce for campus CMS management teams and the TLT@SUNY Project.


MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching: An international project focuses on developing a repository of online learning materials based on a peer review process from discipline-based faculty communities.

MID - Multimedia Instructional Designer: The SUNY Learning Network has a MID assigned to each participating campus. MID's assist the SLN Faculty with course design and delivery.


New York Network - A unit of the Office of the Provost that provides video production and satellite transmission services to SUNY and State government, operates SUNYSAT and related services. See

NYLINK - A unit of the Office of the Provost, the New York Library Network provides training, support and consulting services for over 700 libraries in New York State, including all SUNY libraries, on a broad range of technology-related issues. See

NYSERNet - The New York State Education and Research Network: NYSERNet is a non-profit Internet and Internet2 services member organization. It brought Internet services to NY in the mid-1980's and did the same for Internet2 in the mid-1990's. It advances network technologies and applications that enable collaboration and promote technology transfer for research and education, expanding these to government, industry, and the broader community. Membership is open to any New York State based not-for-profit organization whose mission is research and/or education. See

NYSHEI - New York State Higher Education Initiative: NYSHEI is a new member-governed organization of public and private academic libraries and institutions in the state. It fosters collaboration among academic libraries to enhance research and educational resources. It facilitates access to collections and assists New York's member institutions to address changing modes of scholarly communication.

NYSUT - New York State United Teachers. See


OLIS - Office of Library and Information Services: OLIS is a unit in the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs with responsibility for LAIP and SUNYConnect. See

OFT - Office for Technology.


PD - Professional Development: Grant program sponsored by the State of New York/United University Professions Joint Labor-Management Committee. Funding is provided for professional development activities, providing training to improve job performance, assisting employees in developing their full professional potential, and preparing for advancement. See




SCAP - Student Computing Access Program.

SCLD - SUNY Council of Library Directors.

SCT - A software company that produces the BANNER product. See

SICAS - Student Information and Campus Administrative Systems: A special-purpose, system-wide organization that makes modifications and improvements in the SCT Banner products. These modifications to the products make them fit the SUNY requirements for reporting and general use within the SUNY Community.

SLAM - SUNY Library Automation Migration Program.

SLN - SUNY Learning Network: A program of integrated services and support for SUNY campuses for the development and delivery of online courses and degree programs. More than 55 campuses participate in this program; SLN is a unit of Learning Environments. See

SLSC - SUNY Library Support Center.

STC - SUNY Technology Conference: An event jointly sponsored by COA, TOA, and EdTOA. See

SUBOA - SUNY Business Officers Association.

SUNY - State University of New York. See

SUNY TC - SUNY Training Center: A special-purpose, system-wide organization within the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The SUNY TC promotes the use of leading-edge educational technologies and provides various opportunities for professional development throughout the State University community. The TC makes available hands-on and online training on a diverse list of multimedia systems, software programs, teaching and learning issues, and other topics related to Higher Education. See

SUNYConnect - The new SUNY-wide virtual library initiative. See

SAC - SUNYConnect Advisory Council: The governing body for SUNYConnect. See

SUNYNet - SUNYNet Technology Services: An office of System Administration, designs, implements and operates networking services for the campuses and program providers. A flexible variety of services is offered to meet SUNY's diverse needs. The term also refers to SUNY's private data network, or intranet, which originated in 1988. SUNYNet today is virtual private network (VPN) consisting of a collaborative set of LAN and WAN services using encryption and prioritization of a commercial Internet provider's backbone. Participation is open to all campuses. See

SUNYSAT - SUNY-wide satellite network providing support for videoconferences, distance learning and other educational activities. Every SUNY campus has a SUNYSAT downlink, now equipped to handle analog or digital receptions.


TLT@SUNY - Teaching, Learning and Technology at SUNY: A program of services and information for the SUNY community on a wide variety of issues related to enhancing classroom-based teaching and learning with web-based and other technologies. See

TLTR - Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtables: An AAHE-TLT Group program that advances campus-based strategic planning for the use of technology in instruction.

TOA - SUNY Telecommunications Officer's Association. See


UFS - University Faculty Senate. See

UUP - United University Professions: The union representing 21,000 faculty and other professionals on 29 State University of New York campuses. UUP is affiliated with the New York State United Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO. See



Web2 - A web-based search engine for the Multilis Online Patron Access Library Catalogs. It is in use by all LAIP libraries.

WebCT - A course management system package in use at some SUNY campuses. See

Webinar - A webinar uses a collaborative tool to deliver a web-based presentation that features an expert speaker.

WIKI - A piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.